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Rules for Adoption

We like to stay within the tri-state area, so we can be helpful throughout the pet's life.  Minimum donation is $150.00 for dogs.  Declawed, indoor cats $250.00 donation.  All other cats: donation of your choice.


Previous pet experience and veterinarian references are helpful.  If you rent, we would like to see a lease that allows for pets.  If you are a homeowner, please provide some proof of ownership.  Our goal is to provide good homes for the pets.  You are taking on responsibility for another life.


A lot of people think momentarily and not long term.  Adopting or rescuing is a long term commitment.  Come visit us, because the first step in a successful adoption is positive chemistry between animal and owner.

Pets for Adoption

We are all about the animals.  Our strays are LOCAL abandoned cats and dogs.  We give them complete health and medical support.  You get an animal that is ready to go, crate trained and socialized.  We do not disappear once you leave with your pet; we are here if you need us with trainers and veterinary care.  Below please find a link to our Petfinder page that displays the animals who are looking to make you happy for the small price of a little love.

Interested in Adopting?

If you are interested in adopting any of these homeless, sweet and loveable pets, please email


Also, should you wish to sponsor a specific pet until they find a safe and loving home please to make arrangements.  Thank you.

Animal Assistance Petfinder Page

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