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Brownee the Plain Brown Dog

Treats for Dogs

The Dog Treat

These pet treats are hand crafted and are for pet consumption only.  Break off pieces in accordance with your dog's size. Proceeds sent to, Brownee's charity.


Ingredients: Venison, Pumpkin, Flax, Figs, Oats, Honey, Molasses, Salt


Beef flavor coming soon! 

Brownee's Story

I was rescued from the streets of a city by Animal Control and brought to the kennel to see if I had an owner that cared and would come for me.  I did not have a collar, I did not have a tag, but I did have marks where I was whipped.  There I waited. When my time was up and no one came, Animal Assistance took me and I have been here ever since.  No one ever adopted me, because I was a plain brown dog, but Animal Assistance has given me a home and now a way to help other homeless animals, by sending a contribution or by buying my dog treats, Brownees.

About Brownee the Plain Brown Dog

Brownee the Plain Brown Dog is a fundraiser for the shelter. 100% of the profits go back to the animals and we pay no salaries.  Brownee the Plain Brown Dog is all volunteer. Our facilities have been inspected by the State of New Jersey.  We are FDA registered.  Brownee the Plain Brown Dog is all about the dogs.

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