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Animal Assistance, located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, since 1952, is a pet adoption facility in a peaceful country atmosphere.  Our family oriented animal center has a purpose to provide homes for animals down on their luck, on a case by case basis.  Animal Assistance is one of the few animal facilities in the area actually located on a farm country setting with over 60 years of experience.

On this website you can find links to our pets who are currently up for adoption, as well as pictures of pets who have been previously adopted.  Please call us at 732-251-3210 during morning working hours (7-10 AM Mon-Thurs, 7-4 PM Fri, 8:30-10:30 AM Sunday) only; afternoons are spent with the animals.  Visitors are welcome during above business hours.  Closed on Saturdays.  We are also closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Pet Friendly Products

Check out these treats and other products that are good for the natural world and your pet! 

Mickey is a friend of Brownee.  They were found abandoned on the same street and now live in a wonderful home.  Mickey and Brownee both represent products that are pet friendly and good for the environment.  Check out Mickey (pictured above) posing with Bad Ass Weed Killer.

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